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How Visible is Your Business Online?

The information below will increase your company's online visibility and drive new qualified buyers to your business! Guaranteed!

83% of consumers search Google BEFORE buying from a LOCAL BUSINESS.

When a potential customer searches Google for the products and services you offer… If they can’t find you they can’t buy from you.

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How Do You Improve Online Visibility?


A business’ online visibility is determined by how it is performs in eight (8) different categories (or signals) that are weighted in the search results. 

These eight data points are called: ONLINE RANKING FACTORS

Ranking Factors Defined

Google Business Signals (weighted 36%)

Includes Proximity, categories, keywords in business title, Google Business Profile, etc.

Review Signals (weighted 17%)

Includes Review quantity, review frequency, review quality, review diversity, etc.

On-Page Signals (weighted 16%)

Includes Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.

Link Signals (weighted 13%)

Includes inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.

Behavioral Signals (weighted 7%)

Includes Click-Through Rates (CTR), mobile clicks to call, check-ins, comments, etc.

Citation Signals (weighted 7%)

Includes IYP/aggregators, NAP Consistency, citation volume, citation authority, etc.

Personalization Signals (weighted 5%)

Includes Customer experience, unique approaches, tailored content, etc.

By analyzing your local market and the health of your online presence we can give you a path to consistent, reliable growth customized for you!

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One of the best ways to improve your online visibility is to get your business included in the Google Local Pack!

The Google Local Pack is a list of the three companies Google sees as the most trustworthy or relevant to be displayed when certain keywords are used in a search question.

Companies listed in the Google Local 3-Pack receive
than their competitors!

How do you get your business
in the Google Local Pack?

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In the past, business owners could rely on traditional advertising methods that were effective for decades.

But COVID put those days in the past.

Before the Internet and before everyone had mobile devices, consumers discovered businesses, products and services through a 3-step process, or REALIZE > BUY > DECIDE

They would REALIZE an ad on the radio, a news paper, on a mailer, billboard, or TV. Then they would BUY the product from a local store, through mail order or from door-to-door salesman. The customer would then try the product and DECIDE if the purchase was good or bad and then share their opinion with others, or what is called “word-of-mouth marketing.”

Today’s buying decision model has changed and now has an extra step called RESEARCH. The new research step has been inserted between the Notice and Buy steps and now looks like this:


But here’s what’s different… The BUY decision is now made DURING the RESEARCH step and the new DECIDE step allows buyers to influence those who are in the RESEARCH phase.

Those who have bought and have completed the DECIDE step can now quickly influence other potential customers while they are in the RESEARCH step. This is done when they leave a negative review online. 

Negative reviews can have an instant effect on buyer’s behavior. 

This ability of your customers to change the buying behavior of potential future customers means you must do everything you can online to protect your brand and earn many good reviews.

Did You Know?

One of the most unexpected changes in today’s marketplace is the rapid decline of the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing and the rocketing importance of online reviews and ratings.

In fact, now online reviews have more influence over buyers than live referrals from family and friends!

Even when a trusted friend of family member refers a new business or product over 90% of people will still research the product, service or business online.

To illustrate the influence of ratings, ask yourself when was the last time you bought an “one-star” rated product from Amazon?


If you had a toothache, would you search using Google and then schedule an appointment with a “one-star” dentist, like the one listed above?

Of course you wouldn’t!
No one would or will!

GOOD REVIEWS drive new customers to your business:

92% of people are more likely to become a
customer after reading POSITIVE review

And bad reviews will damage your business.

94% of consumers say a BAD REVIEW
has convinced them to AVOID a business.

So what do you need to do to start earning
more 5-Star reviews?

We look forward to sharing with you the steps you can take to earn more 5-star reviews!

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How important is an optimized
Google Business Profile? VERY!

Recent research indicates that consumers are 2.7x more likely to trust a business if their Google Business Profile is claimed, completed and optimized.

We can show you 

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According to Localeze, more than 75% of searches done on a mobile phone result in a local purchase!

And 73% of consumers said they lost trust in a business when their online information was incorrect.

Let us show you how you can quickly update your business information across the Internet and give you complete control to protect your brand.

Plus, we will show you how you can position your business to be found wherever a potential customer searches for your products and services by text search, voice search, or even a Google or Apple map search.

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Social Media has become a valuable business strategy. In fact, in the 4 STEPS TO A SALE diagram below Social Media plays an important role in 3 of the 4 sales process steps.

To sum it all up…

By taking action now, you can improve your online presence, gain an edge over your competitors, increase revenue and grow your business. So schedule your company analysis today and start enjoying the benefits of a growing, legacy business.