Terms: Website Setup

Website Setup terms of service

Website Setup Agreement

Please take a few moments to review the terms for our website setup packages. By contracting with us to setup a 3, 5, or 10-page website, you agree to these terms of service.


Thank you for choosing Blue Market to create your online presence. By purchasing a 3, 5, or 10-page website setup package, you will be required to use the website at https://bluemarketpro.com. As a result, the terms and conditions for using this website are hereby incorporated by reference into this agreement. The terms governing the usage of this website are available here:

Blue Market Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The terms that follow outline the specific agreement between You and Blue Market in relation to your website setup package. In addition to the terms that govern the usage of this website, please read this agreement carefully.

If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the Website or use any services. If these terms and conditions are considered an offer by Blue Market, acceptance is expressly limited to these terms.

Website Setup Packages

BlueMarket offers three unique website setup packages for businesses to match your needs, a 3, 5, or 10 page website setup. These website setup packages act as add-on features to your existing subscription with BlueMarket. This means that the packages provide you with developer’s time to prepare your website and the rights to use our designs and templates for your own website. BlueMarket implements website setup via WordPress plug-ins, designs, and frameworks. BlueMarket does not claim ownership of the underlying frameworks from any third party, and by purchasing a website setup package, you do not own the underlying template, framework, or designs that have been licensed to BlueMarket. You retain the right to any content you provide that may be incorporated into the designs, templates, or your website generally, and BlueMarket makes no claim of ownership for that content.

The price of your particular website setup package is determined at the time of purchase.

Limitations on Packages

If a service or product is not expressly included within the website setup terms, then it is not part of package. If the service or product in question is offered by BlueMarket, then it is offered subject to separate terms and conditions, where applicable.

Blue Market's Representations & Warranties

BlueMarket represents and warrants that, barring any unforeseen unanticipated instance, if you as the customer provide all of the requested information by the tenth (10th) day after signing up for a package, then BlueMarket will have your website ready by the end of twenty-one (21) days after you signed up for the packaged.

If you fail to provide information that BlueMarket needs to provide your website in accordance with the packages, then BlueMarket may either:

  • Terminate work on your website if we cannot fulfill your order due to the lack of information; or
  • Complete work on your website with the information available.

Your Representations & Warranties

You, as the purchaser of Blue Market’s website setup package, have certain obligations which are solely for the purpose of enabling BlueMarket to perform its services and provide the products.

You represent and warrant that you will provide any and all information requested by Blue Market in accordance with the fulfillment schedule listed above. Failing to provide any information or causing delays will impact BlueMarket’s ability to perform.

You represent and warrant that you will not unreasonably delay providing information to BlueMarket, and that all input will be provided by the tenth (10th) day after signing up for BlueMarket’s Products.

Optional Consultation

If you need personal assistance the required information to Blue Market, then you may, for an additional fee, request Blue Market to consult with you regarding the website setup intake forms and complete them with you. Please note that unless you request this service and pay for the additional fee, it is your sole responsibility to complete the forms and submit any required materials. BlueMarket is not responsible for any delays in providing your website or any other problems caused by you not submitting completed information or forms to BlueMarket.

Payment of Fees; One-time Purchase

Blue Market will only bill against a credit or debit card you have provided to Blue Market either over the phone or via the online portal. An invoice will be issued for each transaction.

If you have purchased products or services which are ongoing, your credit card will continue to be billed on a monthly basis. In the event you modify or add services, those services will be reflected on your next monthly invoice.

However, website setup packages are one-time purchases that are not provided on a subscription basis. By signing up for a website setup package, you will be immediately invoiced and Blue Market will charge the payment method on file.

Blue Market will only begin work on your website setup package upon full payment of your invoice.

Fulfillment Schedule

BlueMarket will send periodic reminders and notices based upon the following schedule:

Day 1. You will receive a confirmation receipt of your purchase as well as instructions for completing an online intake form. The intake form contains the majority of the information required to complete the setup of your website.

Day 4. You will receive a followup text and/or email reminding you to fill out the online intake form.

Day 7. You will receive an additional followup text and/or email reminding you to fill out the online intake form.

Day 10. By day 10 you should have completed the online intake form. By this point, Blue Market will reach out informing you of any deficiencies in your online form. If you have not filled out the online intake form or responded to any inquiries by the 15th day after your purchase, then BlueMarket reserves the right to either 1) terminate work and retain any earned fees, or 2) fulfill the service based upon the information available. See Your Representations & Warranties for more information on this process.

Day 20. Blue Market will send you an email for any final notes on your website setup as we complete work.

Day 21. You should receive the finalized website by this date, unless BlueMarket did not receive sufficient information to fulfill the service or other extraordinary circumstances have prevented BlueMarket from performing its services. BlueMarket will provide notice of any delay via email.


Blue Market will provide one minor revision of your website after this fulfillment timeline has been completed. Because framework selection is part of the fulfillment schedule, we will not adjust the basic outline of the template or framework you have selected. However, updated images, copywriting, and messaging are considered minor revisions that are included within the website setup package.

Refunds and Cancellations

Because Blue Market follows a strict fulfillment timeline on website setup packages, refunds are only available in the following circumstances:


Blue Market may refund up to 75% of any website setup package if You provide notice of your intent to cancel prior to either:

  1. filling out the online form, or 
  2. day 10 in the fulfillment schedule

Refunds will be provided on a quantum meruit basis, and only for any unearned portion of the website setup fee.

Blue Market does not provide refunds for cancellation or any other reason after submission of the intake form or after day 10 of the fulfillment schedule.