BRAND SECURE | Reputation Management

BRAND SECURE | Reputation Management

87% of consumers will only purchase from a company with a 4.5-star rating or higher, and 93% of consumers use the Internet to do online research before they buy anything!

The bottom line, the world has changed drastically in the last 18 months and doing the business the same old way we always used to do it just isn’t an option anymore. Business owners who do not embrace the realities of an online world will eventually suffer the fate of Blockbuster Video who crashed and burned due to the mass movement of customers signing up for Netflix. 

This is the reality we are all living in now. 

And many of you have experienced the difficulty of trying to find and hire good talent to support your company’s growth. It seems everyone is running and hiding from work… Well, not exactly. What has happened is that those looking for work now use the Internet to research businesses, learn about their business model, their philosophies, and how they treat their employees. If they can’t find any information about a company or if your online rating is less than 4.4 stars, 80% of qualified candidates won’t even apply. So those with high online rankings are getting the best talent, they aren’t struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their openings. 

If you are trying to grow your business, or you are trying to find qualified new hires, and you aren’t worried about your online reputation, please start doing so today. Let our Reputation Management software show you how to take control of what is being said about your brand, your products, and your personnel, in organized, simple, and wonderfully powerful ways.