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The information below will increase your practice’s online visibility and drive new patients into your office.

83% of potential patients search Google BEFORE choosing a new DENTIST.

When a potential patient searches Google for a new dentist… If they can’t find you they can’t schedule an appointment with you.

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How Do You Increase Your Online Visibility?


A practice’s online visibility is determined by how it performs in eight (8) different categories (or signals) that are then weighted by importance and aggregated in search results. These eight individual signals are called:


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Ranking Factors Defined

Google Business Signals
(weighted 36%)

Includes Proximity, categories, keywords in business title, Google Business Profile, etc.

Review Signals
(weighted 17%)

Includes Review quantity, review frequency, review quality, review diversity, etc.

On-Page Signals
(weighted 16%)

Includes Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.

Link Signals
(weighted 13%)

Includes inbound anchor text, domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.

Behavioral Signals
(weighted 7%)

Includes Click-Through Rates (CTR), mobile clicks to call, check-ins, comments, etc.

Citation Signals
(weighted 7%)

Includes IYP/aggregators, NAP Consistency, citation volume, citation authority, etc.

Personalization Signals
(weighted 5%)

Includes Customer experience, unique approaches, tailored content, etc.

By analyzing the competitors in your local area(s) and the state of your online presence we can create and provide your practice a customized strategy for consistent, reliable growth!

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One of the best ways to improve your online visibility is to get your practice included in the Google Local 3-Pack!

The Google Local 3-Pack is a list of the three businesses that Google ranks most trustworthy for the dental services the potential patient is trying to locate.

Dental practices listed in the Google Local 3-Pack receive 5 TIMES MORE VISITORS than their competitors!

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In the past, dental offices could rely on traditional marketing strategies, like billboards, brochures, event sponsorship, direct mail, magazine ads, post cards, radio ads and word-of-mouth that were effective for decades.


Before the Internet and before everyone had mobile devices, when someone needed to find a dentist office they would use a simple 3-step process of

First, they would need to NOTICE an ad on the radio, in a news paper, or on a mailer, billboard, or TV. Then they would EXCHANGE their time or money for an appointment or consultation. After the procedure the patient would experience the work, reflect on their experience then DECIDE if their results and experience was good or bad. Then they share their opinion with others, which is called “word-of-mouth marketing.”


The current consumer decision model has evolved and we now have an extra step referred to as “RESEARCH.” This new step has been inserted into the model between the NOTICE and EXCHANGE steps.

So the current model looks like this:


But here’s the catch, the decision to EXCHANGE is now made during the RESEARCH step, not during the EXCHANGE step. So the EXCHANGE step is now the physical act of completing the transaction. The DECIDE phase becomes a more important in the modern decision model.

Those in the DECIDE phase can quickly and widely influence potential patients in the RESEARCH phase just by leaving a negative review, or a low star rating.

Negative reviews not only hurt when they are originally posted, but they continue to damage your practice’s image going forward. The higher increased risk of negative online reviews in the modern era DECIDE phase demands more focus to protect your online reputation. One of the most unexpected marketing adjustments has been the rapid decline of the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing and the increased importance of online reviews and ratings.

In fact, today online reviews INFLUENCE consumer behavior MORE than referrals from family and friends do! 

Even when someone you trust refers you to a new business or product, over 90% of consumers will still research online to learn more about the product, service or practice. To illustrate the importance of ratings, ask yourself when was the last time you bought a “one-star” rated product from Amazon?
If a potential patient has a toothache, what are the chances they will schedule an appointment with a “one-star” rated dentist, like in the review listed above?


GOOD REVIEWS will drive new patients to your practice check out these statistics:

92% of people are more likely to become a
after reading POSITIVE reviews online

BAD REVIEWS will damage your practice.

94% of people say a BAD REVIEW
has caused them to AVOID a business.

So what does your office need to do now to get more 5-Star reviews?

We look forward to sharing with you the simple steps you can take to attract more 5-star reviews now!

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How important is it for your practice to have an optimized Google Business Profile?

Recent research indicates that consumers are 2.7x more likely to trust a business if their Google Business Profile is claimed, completely filled out and optimized.

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Google Business Profile! And show you the advantages dentist have over other business owners.

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Social Media platforms have become a critical aspect of online visibility. In fact, in the 4 STEPS TO A PATIENT diagram below Social Media plays an significant role in 3 of the 4 steps.

As the online transition moves forward social media will continue to play and bigger role in a company’s ability to manage their brand, interact with potential clients, sell more products and services, and inform strategic decisions.

Each social media platform has it strengths and weaknesses, but leveraging as many as you can will expand your online authority, generate more leads and protect your brand.

Let us show you how you can quickly and easily update your business information across the Internet, to protect your online presence and reputation

Plus, we will show you how you can position your practice to be found wherever potential patients are searching, whether by text search, voice search, or even a Google or Apple phone map search.

Wrapping Up

As a dental professional, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to address your current online reality and improve your online visibility. With the ever-increasing competition in the local dental space, your office needs to be improving your online visibility to attract more long-term, loyal patients to your practice.

By taking action now, you can improve your online presence and gain an edge over your competitors, increasing revenue and growing your practice. So, invest in your ability to serve the community today, and start reaping the benefits tomorrow!