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New Website Creation Form

Answer the questions in the form below, hit submit, and we’ll be in touch soon. If you’ve already have an appointment scheduled, be sure to submit this information at least 1 business day prior to your scheduled appointment.






Here is a handy tool to help you find your HEX code and colors: Color Picker
* if no colors are entered, our designers will choose for you.


If you are not sure of a font choice, click this link to visit Google Fonts: Google Fonts
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7. HOME PAGE (page #1)

The home page should clearly show your brand, be well-designed, load fast, look professional, and clearly state the solutions, products or services you provide. In short, in just a few seconds, website visitors should be able to determine if your company provides them with what they need. If a site visitor can’t make that determination in 2-4 seconds, they will leave as quickly as they came.

In the form below we will collect information to help us build a quality home page. It's typical to list up to 3 services, but always list the one that creates you the most revenue first. It is also good to provide 3 feature statements, and 3 benefit statements for each solution, product or service. Finally, we will include basic information about you and your business. and add your logo and images as necessary.

As you fill out the form try to keep in mind what makes your business or service unique. This is often referred to as your "Unique Selling Proposition" or USP. Or , in other words, why should a potential consumer choose your company over a competitor? This is the information we need site visitors to understand quickly.

8. ABOUT US (page #2)

The "About Us" page can increase your online authority by adding content about you, and your company to come across more trustworthy and legitimate. Include recent 5-star reviews to demonstrate that you treat your customers well, and they can feel safe doing business with you. By adding detailed, keyword-rich, descriptions about your business, Google and potential customers will be able to find your business easier and Google will know who you are and what you do, so your Google rankings will rise steadily over time.

Additional Information about the ABOUT US Page: Data shows that the About Us page is the 2nd most visited page of a website. Once visitors know you have what they need from their home page, they will want to learn more about the "who" behind the company. Provide a brief summary of your company, history, competitive edge, bios, licenses, awards, testimonials, online reviews, and the latest news.

9: CONTACT US (page #3)

The following section helps us identify the information you want displayed on the "contact" page of your site.

Contact pages are easily identified by Google, and most site visitors look to a contact page to figure out your location. On the contact page, we want to give direction in writing to all the different ways visitors can get to your business from various routes. You will want to list landmarks nearby your location, like freeway exits, major roads, names of nearby shopping centers, major stores nearby, etc. just to help potential more easily find your location.  All that photoing Google they do on the roads are connected in their databases with the landmarks. 

Provide site visitors all methods available to contact you. Include social media accounts, mailing address, phone and fax number, and business hours. Use a contact form instead of listing an email address to prevent SPAM.



In today's market, if potential employees can't find a great website about your business, over 87% won't even apply for an open position.

ADDITIONAL INFO ON A CAREER PAGE: Sharing open positions on your website is good, but it can create more work for you and your staff. A comprehensive application form gathers all the required information from candidates, including photos and resumes, anytime from any device.


This is typically a non-eCommerce products page or can be renamed as a "Brand page."

Most eCommerce sites include all their products in the online store, with a button to purchase included on the page. A good description of each item will automatically include a number of very accurate and important keywords so Google knows who you are and what you sell.

ADDITIONAL INFO ON THE PRODUCT PAGE: Provide details about the products you sell. Depending on how many products you have considered organizing into categories with links to product pages that contain more information. Focus on the benefits and reasons your products are better than the competition.


If you have questions that come up over and over, just answer them once here and then director those with questions to the FAQ page. In increases your web visits, and gets them on your site to learn more.

ADDITIONAL INFO ON A FAQ PAGE: The FAQ page is always growing and when it is done right it will save you tons of time. This page contains all the questions you are asked and all the answers potential buyers need before they buy, help them feel secure enough to trust you.


This is a page that organizes all your blog posts listed with the most recent blog posts appearing first.

Blog posts are organized by category and blog posts are the easiest method to add new content, without messing up the website menu structure.


The more info we can get on team members onto the site the better, especially for establishing expertise and the ability to service new customers properly. 

PRIVACY POLICY: ( This is basically a blank page or a placeholder page where you can add your privacy policy. If you have one already, great! If not, we recommend contacting an attorney with an understanding of your expertise and online risks. 


Your Google reviews and 5-star ratings on Google and great for your online business. You want to share these reviews on as many platforms as possible, especially on your own home page and all social media accounts.