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Paychex Digital Marketing Services:
Online Tools to Increase Sales & Save Time

Paychex Digital Marketing Services helps businesses either begin or expand their online marketing efforts. When you go live with a mobile responsive website, digital marketing tools to address every aspect of your online presence, expert-level education, and a community of like-minded business owners your business will outperform your competitors, and you will not only discover new methods to increase leads, but also new untapped revenue streams.

Be found online more often

Today most of us get online to research companies, products and services before we make the decision to buy. Paychex can make it easier for your potential customers to find your company, products and services exactly when they are searching online for them. Paychex Digital Marketing Services help you rank higher in local search engines, become more visible on all the major social media sites and build your brand to become the respected leader in your local market and community.

Imagine your website as a lead machine

Paychex can help connect you with current and future customers through your own fully integrated website and digital marketing business hub. Did you know your website can be transformed into a system that works for you around the clock, attracting new leads, closing more deals, and increasing revenue instead of just being an online source of information? With Paychex Digital Marketing Services your site can become a sales generating asset delivering consistent new business leads and revenue in any market.

88% of US consumers research products online to buy in-store

More knowledge equals more power

Paychex Digital Marketing Services offer a robust educational library, including video courses, live training, and an active online community to show business owners how to best market their products and services through data-proven online strategies, which are taught by leading online marketing experts. Access to the Paychex Digital Marketing Academy is only available to current Paychex clients.

Today, potential consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal referral

Transform Your Website Into A Business Growth Engine

Paychex Digital Marketing Academy & Community

You can become a digital marketing expert and avoid the many out there who try to take advantage of your lack of digital knowledge! When you purchase Paychex Digital Marketing Services you also join our exclusive online community and gain access to courses, videos, and live training so you can learn how to find online leads, leverage
social media networks, and take control of your Google search results. All our training is provided by proven industry experts exclusively for Paychex clients!

Local Directory and Listing Management

Learn Google best practices to share your businesses’
current news, product updates, and special offers to find
new customers. Learn how to correctly set up and manage
your Google My Business account to dramatically increase
your online visibility, protect your reputation and connect
to motivated buyers when they are looking to purchase.

  • Get 7 times more clicks on your business listings
  • Increase visibility by 49% on Google and Maps.
  • Increase the likelihood of a consumer purchase by 50% on your website.

Google reviews management and promotion

Paychex can connect your Digital Business Hub and website to your Google My Business account, Google and Yelp reviews and your social media accounts to ensure you respond quickly to potential and existing customer comments and message. This will further leverage raving customer comments into a huge competitive advantage in local search rankings, and product your business reputation from those who try to tear down the online trust of your business. Research shows that a trusted business should have:  

  • 4.5-star rating or higher 
  • 50 or more public positive reviews
  • And reviews added within the last 30 days

Paychex connected business hub system

When you launch or upgrade your website to integrate with the Paychex Business Hub you will enjoy a seamless online
experience for both you, your employees and your clients. You will attract more leads, turn more leads into customers and increase
revenue. Paychex can help you automate and streamline your unique sales process to your site, making your business a 24/7-365 business growth machine.

  • Capture more leads with online forms and automation
  • Simplify work with online scheduling and calendaring
  • Enjoy the ease of online transactions and e-commerce
  • Build a repository of assets to attract new leads perpetually
  • Rest easy with secure, reliable hosting & expert support!

98% of texts to potential consumers are read within two (2) minutes.

Custom Website Design is available

Have our website professionals and digital marketing experts create your website to your specific needs, branding, and messaging. You can either choose to use our Pro-Level DIY website builder and one of our beautifully designed, mobile optimized website templates, or you can hire us to set up your template website site for you. Our templates aren’t the rigid, non-customizable templates of years gone by. Instead all of our template can be branded to your specifications, with your choice of font, colors, branding, photos and more. Or… you can hire us to build your website from the backend up for a look unique to your business. These website include a customized desktop and mobile responsive version to ensure the highest rankings possible for your business on Google. 

Social Media Marketing

When you post quality content to your social media accounts, it will increase your brand reputation and solidify your expertise to build up long-term customer loyalty. When new content is posted on your website it can (and should) be shared to all your social media accounts for maximum reach to potential customers, but to also prove to the search engines that your business is actively looking for new customers, which earns you more site traffic referrals from Google. 

With our our software your social media accounts become a lead generation tool. So while you build your brand and share your expertise, you also be gathering leads to increase revenue.  

To learn more, contact your Paychex representative today.