Alternate email templates for customer voice

You know and love Customer Voice for sending review requests, but there are endless ways to use the tool to send other types of email.

Choose from one of the three templates below to get started sending promotional emails, newsletters, or event invitations.

How do I use these templates?

  1. Click on the .pdf file you’d like to send
  2. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard (CTRL + C)
  3. Open a Customer Voice account
  4. Select Templates Add New Template > New Email Template 
  5. Name your template and select Create under ‘Blank Template’
  6. Fill out the required fields
  7. Click on the < > icon in the editor toolbar
  8. Delete the existing source code 
  9. Paste the copied source code (CTRL + V)
Spring Sale promotional email template
Follow Us email template
Save the Date event invitation template

If you’d like to see other email templates in Customer Voice or have feedback on the above templates, please contact your assigned salesperson.

Template Downloads

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