Getting Started with Advertising Intelligence

Did you know that the SBA (Small Business Administration) recommends that companies spend between 7-9% of revenue on marketing?

That is crazy to think about. The SBA are the ones that secure the loans, and they want us to use a portion of the money they loan us to market our services, because they know the chances of being successful when you are not marketing as a business is very remote. 

The beauty of digital advertising over all other forms of traditional marketing is that we have the ability to show insanely accurate ROI data. In online display advertising, we can tell you when a person saw one of your ads, and how many days it took, to the minute, for them to walk in your business. How is that for detailed data? Let’s see the billboard or radio ad executives promise your that kind of data.

With this level of data, you will know exactly what is working and what is not. And you can make adjustments quickly, within minutes, rather than days and weeks as they try to take down the billboards, re-record the radio spot, re-shoot the TV commercial or change down all the buses with your ads on them. 

Digital advertising is the most responsible, effective and profitable advertising in the market today. Switch all your advertising dollars to digital, and use our Advertising Intelligence software to track the profitability of your campaigns in realtime. With Advertising Intelligence you will never wonder if you have made a good advertising choice, you will actually know, which makes it more likely you will get the sleep all we small business owners desperately need. ◡̈ 

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