Customer Voice – 60 Day

Did you know that consumers now trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member?!? 🤯 🤯 🤯

So the more positive reviews you have online, the better it is for your business! The aftermath of COVID is that we are now more online than we have ever been, and we have learned how to manage our lives more efficiently by using the online tools available to us. 

And even though we know if it probably better for us to re-engage into society and get back out in public and interact, but much like we know that buying from Amazon and Walmart will definitely put much of our precious local businesses out of business, we continue to want to save time and save money so we have Amazon deliver, rather than go out and shop for it ourselves. 

Well, we as business owners need to adjust and create a presence online, so we can get customers not just locally, but wherever our products and services are needed. Customer Voice gives you the ability to request and gather positive online reviews easily, and then distribute them to the most reputable review sites on the web. Even to reviews sites that specialize in your business vertical. 

Let Customer Voice help you leverage your good brand, your good business by getting the word out online that working with you is a far better choice than any of your competitors, and especially better than buying from Amazon.

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