How do I edit the review request email template?

Go to Customer Voice > Templates

Choose if you want to edit the My Preferred Sites template to request reviews on 3rd party sites or the My Listing template to request reviews on your 1st party site.

Click on the vertical dot menu UIHere.png  next to the template and click Edit Template.

Here you can edit the default template. The options available are as follows:

  • Email Subject – The subject line that will appear in the email.
  • Reply Email – The email address that the email will appear to be sent from and the customer will be able to respond to. *If this is not specified, the email will be sent from
  • Header Image – The image that appears at the top of the email.
    • Select the image by clicking directly on it and choose Insert/edit Image from the template menu. In the pop up window you can add a link to an image, resize the image, upload an image from your computer or drag and drop an image. We recommend an image with dimensions of 700 x 235 px.
    • Alternatively, click Insert Dynamic Component > Header Image Defaults to select a photo from our Photo Library.
  • Email Title & Message – The text that appears below the header image. Customize the title and message with various features in the editor toolbar, such as custom fonts and sizes, color options, text alignment, insert links, and more.
  • Insert Dynamic Component – This menu in the right corner of the template lists options for you to insert dynamic variables, or images.
    • Customer Name – Populated from the Customer List
    • Business Name – Populated from your business information
    • My Listing Landing Page – Inserts a button directing customers to leave a review on your My Listing page
    • Direct Feedback – Inserts a button directing customers to the contact page of your My Listing where they can leave direct feedback for you
    • My Preferred Sites -Inserts a button directing customers to leave a review on your preferred sites, such as Facebook, or Google
    • Header Image Defaults – Pre-uploaded header images

Click Preview to see how the request will look, before sending.

Click Cancel if you want to exit out of the template without saving any changes you have made.

Click Save to save any changes and exit out of the template.

How to Create a Custom Email Review Request Template 

Creating a custom request from a blank template is similar to editing a default template. You will start with a blank email and insert dynamic components and text.

  1.  Go to Customer Voice > Templates > Add New Template
  2. Enter a name for the new template
  3. Choose which template you would like to add
    • New Preferred Review Sites Template
    • New My Listing template
    • New Blank Template
  4. Choose a pre-populated template and edit it with the directions listed above
  5. Or, choose a blank template and insert any variables, images or text to customize the review request

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