Listings in Reputation Management: Editing and Updating Your Listings

How do I edit my Listings?

To edit a Listing you must navigate to the original source.

  1. Go to Reputation Management > Primary Listings
  2. Click on the specific listing source you would like to edit to see a drop-down with the details for that listing
  3. Select Edit. A pop-up window will open with more details on how to edit this listing source.
  4. Click the Edit button in the bottom right of this window. This will open the listing source in a new window. You may need to log in to claim or edit the listing.

When should I use Ignore Errors?

If the system believes to have pulled in an error for a listing, but the information looks correct to you and you do not want to make any changes, select Ignore Errors. 

When you click Ignore Errors, Reputation Management will no longer check to see if the listing information has changed on that source, so please use this option with caution.

When should I use Not Mine?

If a listing is pulled into your Primary Listings but does not belong to your business you can select as Not Mine.

The system will no longer consider that specific listing as relevant and will not associate it with your account.

When should I use Refresh Listing?

If you have edited or updated your business profile on a listing source, you can use Refresh Listing to manually scan the listing and update your business information with any new changes that are found.

This can be done once every 24 hours.


When should I use View Possible Matches?

You can click on View Possible Matches to see a dropdown of listings that the system has pulled in that may belong to your business.

Here you can add the listing to your profile by clicking Make Mine, or alternatively, create a new listing or manually submit a listing URL.


Why are my listings still showing as incorrect when they are correct?

If you’ve just changed your business information on the listing source, it will take around an hour for the system to re-check the current business data against the listings that were pulled in.

Once a Reputation Management account has been created, we will begin looking for the listing on the selected sources immediately.

A source may return several matches, at which point we use Best Match to determine which of the listings are relevant for that business.

We schedule searches for new listings on a source every 24 hours for the first 7 days after the profile or source is added.

After 7 days, we will check for new listings once per week.

We then check for changes to existing listings every 30 days.

We also check for changes when a user logs into their Reputation Management account, up to once per day.

When triggered by a login, the next check will be scheduled for 30 days later.

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