Do the data providers verify the listing information that Blue Market sends to them?

In general, yes. The four data providers will attempt to verify the information in several different ways.

The data is commonly verified with the data on USPS, and formatting may be adjusted to match theirs.

The providers may also call or email you to verify the data.

InfoGroup may call you to verify your business data

For Infogroup to update their database, they may need to verify your business information by telephone.

Please be aware when they call that they are not a telemarketer but only need a few moments of your time to verify the business details.

This will only benefit the company as this information gets requested by a number of sources.

Infogroup will attempt to contact you a total of three times over a period of a few weeks to verify the data.

Neustar Localeze may send you an email

Once Listing Distribution is activated, we submit a request to Neustar Localeze to claim the listing.

We do this to ensure its accuracy during the entire subscription.

If you have a claim on the listing, Neustar will contact you with a conflict resolution request.

We suggest that you approves the release. Once you approve the release, Neustar will release the listing and Blue Market will be able to claim the listing.

If you do not respond, Neustar will release the listing after 10 business days and then Blue Market will be able to claim the listing.

If you deny the release, Blue Market will not be able to claim the listing. As a result, we will not be able to update your listing with the NAP data that was entered.

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