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Blue Market Community Hub Introduction

Jacob February 16, 2021
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Blue Market Homepage Screenshot with Markers

Another central element of the Blue Market experience is the Community Hub, where subscribers can take courses, read detailed guides, and communicate with other entrepreneurs and website admins.

As we mentioned at the start of the previous section, the Blue Market community hub can be found on our website at bluemarketpro.com.

There are two primary navigation methods on this page:

  • The top navigation menu, where you can find links to your profile, websites, and account, as well as various navigation and notification tools.
  • The sidebar navigation, which includes links to our courses, documentation, activity feeds, groups, forums, and the business hub.

We’ll outline each of these pages in more detail later in this lesson, but for now you can take a few moments to click through a few of these pages to learn more about the various resources available to you.