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Navigating the Sidebar: Courses, Documentation, and More

Jacob February 16, 2021
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On the left side of your screen you’ll find the primary navigation menu for the Blue Market Community Hub.

In order, this menu provides links to:

  • Courses — On this page, you can register for and take courses in topics such as business marketing, website design, and other topics related to improving your online presence.
  • Documentation — Here, you can find various documentation related to your Blue Market account, including, but not limited to, information relating to your website, information relating to your Community Hub account, and information relating to your Business Hub account.
  • Activity — On the more social side of things, the activity tab shows a feed of any and all activities performed on the Blue Market Community hub by your connections or anyone else you follow.
  • Groups — Our groups tab contains links to various topic-specific discussion groups where business owners and designers can discuss various aspects of improving their online presence.
  • Forums — On our forums page you can find less formal discussion on various topics, as well as updates to the Blue Market experience that we felt didn’t necessitate a full documentation post.
  • Business Hub — This is an external link to the Blue Market Business Hub, where you can purchase marketing tools and manage billing for your account.
  • Account Settings — This link leads to your account settings, where you can manage your login information, email preferences, and more.
  • Log Out — Finally, you can click the bottom button to log out of your Blue Market account. This will redirect you to the homepage.