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Your Profile and Settings

Jacob February 16, 2021
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In the top right corner of your screen you should see a small dropdown menu with your name (or username) on it.

If you click this dropdown, you’ll see a menu with links to your profile, your sites, and your account (as well as a button to log out of bluemarketpro.com).

Click on the “profile” link to navigate to your personal Blue Market profile page.

On this page, you can edit various aspect of your profile, such as your personal details, your profile picture, and your cover image.

You can also view your personal timeline, sites, connections (i.e. “friends”), groups, photos, forums, and uploaded documents.

Basically, think of this page as your personal page on any other social media site, just with slightly more streamlined functionality.

Account Settings

Back at the top of your screen, click the profile dropdown again and then click on the “Account” link to navigate to your account settings page.

On this page, you can edit additional settings relating to your Blue Market account.

For example, you can update your account email and password under “Login Information,” edit your email preferences, export your data, and more.

Take a moment to look through these settings before you continue to the next section to ensure everything is set up the way you like it.