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Step 5. Review the Plugins Installed on Your Site

Jacob February 16, 2021
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A screenshot of the WordPress plugins page.
A screenshot of the WordPress plugins page.

Next, you should take a moment to review the plugins that are activated on your website.

Blue Market websites use a variety of plugins that improve functionality and simplify the website creation process.

For example, all of our websites come pre-installed with Elementor, SmartCrawl Pro, and Beehive Pro, among others, as a way of streamlining your website design and SEO efforts.

Some of these plugins, such as the three I mentioned above, are hidden from the plugins tab so users won’t accidentally change a setting that might break their site.

Other plugins, such as Elementor Header, Footer, & Blocks or WPForms Lite, are visible on your plugins page, and can be activated or deactivated as you see fit.

If you need a specific plugin for your website please reach out to us through our contact page and we’ll set it up for you after we confirm it won’t have negative effects on your website.